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The Beauty spells Include;

Inner beauty, Lose more weight, Red Eyes! (Black magic), A spell for true beauty, Attraction Charm, Beautiful Appearance, Beauty Cleanser, Become a mermaid, Body Rebirth, Breast Enhancement Spell, Change your eye colour, Clear Acne, Eye Colour Spell, Green Eye Spell, Inner beauty, Magic Mirror Spell, Mirror beauty spell, Seashell of love, Spell to change eye colour, To Find Your Soul mate, Weight Loss Spell, Extremely Powerful Weight Loss Spell, Spell To Be Seen More Attractively, To Make People See You as You Want to Be Seen, Seduction Spell, Make Someone More Attractive, Spell For Clear Skin, Abdominal change, Appearance Change, Beautiful body, Become More Attractive, Body change, Breast Expansion, Dream of me spell, Eye colours spell, Get your lover, Increase Your Attractiveness, Inner beauty shows, Lose weight spell, Make Someone Less Attractive, Mirror Weight Loss Spell, Physically Change Body, Spell of Magnificent Beauty, To cause one you love to become ten times more beautiful, Desire me spell that really works, Spell to change colour (complete), make someone attracted to you